I have been lucky, for what I paint people like to buy. I believe this is because they identify with my work and it brings them pleasure. With advances in technology I am able to reproduce my work in the form of Giclees.

I own the copyright to all my paintings. I have allowed limited use, but never sold the copyright to any of the paintings I have produced in this thirty six year painting career.

I reproduce my own work from the original. No company or individual has my digital files or "hand" in the final image. I am very proud of these works as the digital reproduction is an art unto itself.

I use the best equipment with archival inks. I have my own signature paper. It is a 140 pound weight natural satin archival hand made rag. The absorbency of the paper gives the piece a wonderful look, making them hard to distinguish from an original. The combination of the inks and paper promise a long durable life.

All images are from my own source, sight experience and interpretation. The are protected by copyright. Each piece is hand stamped on the back protecting rights and embossed usually near the signature which can be felt thru the protective sleeve.

I am very grateful to those who have supported my artwork thru these thirty years. Without the support of my partons, my life as an artist would not have been possible. I thank you!

Christy Edwards